Summer Residential Program

Join us for an enriching summer experience with Upward Bound! The Upward Bound Summer Program spans six weeks of fast-paced, intensive learning that students thoroughly enjoy. Held on the campus of Wayne State University, our Summer Residential Program provides access to state-of-the-art laboratories, classrooms, dining facilities, and recreational areas. Our program offers weekly field trips to different colleges and exciting explorations of downtown Detroit. In addition to these adventures, students have the opportunity to select a two-day vocational class from options like culinary arts, media arts, cosmetology, and more. 

During the week, students reside on campus from Sunday evening through Friday afternoon, engaging in pre-college and high school courses taught by certified instructors. Resident advisors and residential coordinators ensure constant supervision and support in the residence hall units.

Twice a week, students partake in recreational activities at the Matthaei Athletic Complex, fostering a healthy balance of academics and leisure. They also receive dedicated computer and library time to complete assignments and conduct research.

Group activities, including performing arts, debate, and community service projects, further enrich the program. At the end of the summer, students showcase their collaborative projects, demonstrating their growth and creativity.

Upon successful completion of the summer program, students earn 200 hours (10 credits) of Out-Of-Class Learning Experience (OCLE) and receive a $120 stipend as recognition of their dedication and participation. Join us for a transformative summer of learning, growth, and fun with Upward Bound!