Program Services

As an "Upward Bounder," you will participate in the following:

  • Counseling and tutoring in the college preparatory subjects of English, mathematics, science, ACT/SAT preparation, and foreign languages (French & Spanish).
  • Guidance and fee-subsidy through the entire college application process,
  • Reading and study skills development until you perform at your grade level or above.
  • Diagnostic testing to evaluate your achievement level and identify career interest areas.
  • Pre and post-counseling assessment at the beginning and end of the academic year and summer residential programs,
  • Social-cultural activities/trips to enrich your awareness of your world while you enjoy a fun learning experience.
  • Campus visits and college tours acquainting you with different college environments and allowing you to choose one that is right for you,
  • Rewards for success such as recognition for outstanding achievers, scholarships, and the ability to earn a monthly stipend check! (amount awarded dependent upon participation and program engagement)

Students will also have the opportunity to work with "Upswing"! We've partnered with Upswing to add ease and simplicity to such processes as learning, grading, communicating, and academic development. Upswing gives our program participants, advisors, tutors, and other contributors a unique platform to work together on in an effective, and exciting way! If you're interested in learning more about Upswing now, feel free to visit their website for more details!

Our program administrators are looking forward to incorporating a convenient tool called "Parchment"! With Parchment, we are better able to work with student record and transcript reception. Parchment allows our Upward Bound advisors and staff to send and receive student transcripts and other academic documents. We are in the process of setting Parchment up for use within our program, but if you'd like to get a head start in learning all about how Parchment will simplify document management for our students and staff, visit for more information!

All of the above services are FREE to program participants!

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