Summer Bridge Program

Between high school graduation and beginning college, TRIO Upward Bound students can take part in the Summer Bridge Program. This program is exclusive to graduating Upward Bound seniors and holds different rules & responsibilities than the Upward Bound program-- more like the college experiences, they will embark on upon high school graduation. The Summer Bridge Program, conducted by Wayne State University, gives students a greater feel for university life and coursework, as well as better acquaint them with the college they've worked with during their time as an Upward Bound student. Bridge students will have the opportunity to take 1-2 courses at Wayne State University during the summer and the credits earned through our program will be eligible to transfer to the college or institution of their choice (depending on selected college's transfer regulations). 

Here's what you should know about this excellent opportunity:

1. Each participant will apply online as a non-matriculating student (this means you have no obligation to put the credits earned toward a degree). Administrators are not forcing you to make any immediate or permanent decisions on your coursework during the bridge program. However, do keep in mind that you can use this opportunity to develop your interests further and make decisions on your career path while you have the continued support of the Upward Bound Administration! If you decide that you would like your earned credits to transfer, you should speak to your bridge coordinator or academic advisor to have your matriculation plan changed!

2. The Upward Bound Bridge Coordinator will assist you in the selection of 1-2 courses that all of your fellow students could potentially take together! Your courses will be general education courses, which would be an English, science or math class. Since everyone must satisfy general education requirements to earn their degree, there is the chance that, depending on availability, you and your fellow students could end up in the same class, where you can continue to work with and support each other!

3. You will attend classes from June 27th, 2018 to August 17th, 2018. Being a commuter program this summer, you must have transportation to the university and transportation back home. If you need to get around on campus, you will have multiple transportation options including the university shuttle and the Q-line!                       Bridge

4. As a student, you will be able to utilize all university services-- some of which you are very familiar. These services may be utilized before and after classes and involve the UGL, Student Center, and several other buildings.

5. There are a bridge coordinator and bridge program tutor who will work with each participating student to support them throughout the summer and make sure their transition from high school to college is successful!

6. Finally, we are paying for everything! How can you say "no" to six free college credits? At Wayne State University, that levels out to around $3,500 worth of tuition! We want you to be successful, so if you pass your classes, you will receive a Bridge Program stipend as well!

The Upward Bound Bridge Program is a fantastic opportunity for all graduating Upward Bound seniors! Please consider the edge this program will give you as you bridge smoothly into college in the fall! 

If you have any questions regarding the Summer Bridge Program, or if you are a graduating senior who is interested in the opportunity, please contact Program Director Marc Smith for more information. 

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