Parent Involvement

Parents/guardians are very important to the Upward Bound Program. We encourage parents to join "Parent's Upward Bound" (PUB) to:

•         Cooperate with TRIO Upward Bound staff to reinforce program guidelines for students.

•         Attend academic and financial aid workshops.

•         Support and encourage participation in both academic and summer phases.

•         Serve as chaperones for cultural activities and field trips.

•         Provide a conducive and productive learning environment. 

As a parent/guardian, you play a crucial role in the success of your student. We have found that parents/guardians who support their students in the following ways have had a significant impact on their student's progress in the program:

  • Whenever possible, honor your child's commitment to the program by not scheduling any activities that will conflict with any UB activities.
  • Provide or help arrange transportation for your student to get to study sessions and other events.
  • Remind your student of his/her commitment to the program when he/she presents another activity that may conflict.
  • If your student is unable to attend an event, please communicate that to program administration (or encourage them to) promptly.
  • Keep you and your student's contact information up to date.
  • Whenever you are able, please attend applicable special events with your student! Your attendance sends the message, "this is important and has value."

If you'd like some ideas as to how you may assist in preparing your child for college, please visit UC Davis's Upward Bound for some tips!

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