Frequently Asked Questions

•         How much does the program cost?

Nothing! All Upward Bound program services are free! (Excluding hospital fees).

•         How much do Upward Bound field trips (like college tours) cost?

The program pays all expenses during both the summer and academic year. Students may bring extra spending money for any desired novelty/souvenir items during field trips.

•         Do students have to participate in both components of the program?

Yes! Participation in all academic and summer phases is required to remain a participant of the WSU Upward Bound program.

•         If workshops, tutoring/advising sessions, or activities are canceled, how will students be notified?

An Upward Bound staff member will contact you by email, text or phone call if a scheduled program activity is canceled. You can also find this information out by following our WSU Upward Bound Twitter ( and Instagram accounts (!

•         Does Upward Bound provide scholarships?

The Office of Federal TRIO's Scholarship Committee compiles a list of scholarships available to TRIO program participants. Current scholarships are listed on the Scholarship page. Please contact the Scholarship Committee for more information at either or 313-577-7775.

•         Do students have to go home every other weekend during the Summer Residential Program?

Yes! Students are dismissed Friday afternoon between 12 p.m.- 1 p.m. and check-in Sunday evenings between 6 p.m.- 8 p.m.

•         Can parents/guardians visit during the week during the Summer Residential Phase?

We advise that parents do not visit during the Summer Program (except for emergencies). Students return home every weekend.

•         Does Upward Bound provide transportation to workshops or events?

Upward Bound provides transportation for scheduled field trips (e.g.. college tours, conferences, etc.) during the academic year and summer phases. However, parents/guardians are responsible for bringing their student(s) to Wayne State University or the designated pick-up/drop-off location for said events.

•         Can students bring their cars to campus during the Summer Residential Program?

No, Upward Bound is not responsible for student parking during the summer program.

•         Can students bring cell phones to the Summer Residential Program?

Yes, however, cell phones are not allowed during classes or scheduled activities and should not be a distraction or cause any harm to fellow students or others.

•         Do I have to attend Wayne State University to participate in the Upward Bound Program?

No! Students are encouraged to explore, in depth, all of their options when it comes to their school choice! We want students to attend a college/university that meets and exceeds their specific needs!

•         Can students have other employment while participating in the Upward Bound program?

Absolutely! However, participation and compliance with program guidelines are mandatory for continuation in the program. Students should remember to report any potential absences from program activities to WSU Upward Bound administration so that they may be excused. Not all explanations will count as an excused absence!

•         Do students receive high school or college credit for completing the Upward Bound Program?

Yes, participating students receive 200 hours (10 credits) of Out-Of-Class Learning Experience that applies to their high school curriculum once they've completed a summer program.

•         Who supervises Upward Bound students when they are on campus during the Summer Residential Program?

Upward Bound students are supervised by trained and experienced teachers, tutors, advisors, and Upward Bound staff members. Many of these individuals have worked for the program for several years.

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