Student testimonials

Student participant testimonial when asked about the benefits of participating with the Veterans' Upward Bound program and if they would recommend VUB to others
joyce scales smiling in a Zoom screenshot"I've been with VUB/VEOP since October of 2021. VUB is helping me with what I have lost in the past. I feel so much better because now I can remember the subjects I was taught as a child. Math and English are coming back to me. I no longer feel like I can't do it! Even if it is hard, I keep working at it until I get it right. When I was a child my math teacher told me I was dumb and I couldn't do math, but she is wrong! I can do anything I put hard work into!
I used to be afraid of the computer; I would have others figure out how to do things for me. I feel VUB has helped me a lot with that! I don't have to run to different places to get help. I don't feel behind anymore. I come from an era where we didn't have to use computers. We thought it was a phase and now we use them for everything! Nowadays you need computers to get a job. This is the way the world is going, and we are not going back. I got tired of people helping me with the laptop and the computer, now I can do it for myself.
I would tell other don't be scared like I was. If they feel like me and have lost a lot over the years, or don't remember, do something about it! If they want to get back in touch with the rest of the world or go to school, this will help them so much. It's never to late to try something new, you know. Or re-learn what you have lost" - Joyce Scales