Student Learning & Engagement

In its many aspects, mentoring is a natural component of VEOP. A lot of military veterans come to us, unsure about their life's goals, their post-secondary education needs, and unable to set short-and long-term goals. Our program helps you make the right choice for you and to develop special avenues to meet your goals by providing academic advice, counseling and tutorial services.

A VEOP mentor takes a special interest in helping you to develop into a successful person, student and professional. A mentor must be a good role model through both words and actions. A mentor assists you in gaining a basic understanding about many different experiences (academic, career and often personal)and informs you about the range of available courses, summer jobs/internships and work-study opportunities that may be available to you, which in turn may help you find the right college.

In summary, mentors are: advisers, supporters, guides and role models, and can have a lasting effect . If mentoring is successful, the outcome should be rewarding for both you and the mentor.