Summer Research Institute

Summer Research Institute

The 2019 Summer Research Institute will be held on the campus of Wayne State University Monday June 17 - Friday August 9, 2019.

Institute participants will travel to Ohio State University late June for a campus visitation opportunity, and will also travel to and participate in the UCLA National McNair Conference, Thursday July 30 – Saturday August 3, 2019.

McNair Scholars are eligibile to participate in the annual Summer Research Institute. The Institute is an 8 week non-residential program during which scholars conduct independent research under faculty supervision.

Scholars receive the following benefits during participation:

  • Conduct supervised research and write a final research report 
  • Investigate graduate programs of interest
  • Prepare to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  • Attend various seminars aimed toward preparing for the graduate school application process and enhancing writing/communication skills
  • Recieve a research stipend for completing the research 

Applying to the 2019 Summer Research Institute

To apply for the Summer Research Institute, you must first be admitted to the McNair Scholars Program, access the application PDF.  

Summer 2019 participants are eligible for up to a $2,800 research stipend.

You must have a faculty mentor willing to supervise your research. 

For more information, contact the McNair Scholars Program Director, Bianca Suarez, at 313-577-8810.