Eligibility Criteria for McNair Scholars Participation

Students must meet the following eligibility criteria to be considered for the McNair Achievement Program:

--U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the United States of America

--Considered low income, first generation college student, and/or a member of a traditionally underrepresented group in higher education (e.g. African American, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian/Alaskan Native, or student with a disability). 

[In accordance to Federal government guidelines, a first-generation student is one whose parents have not earned a Bachelor's degree. If you lived with only one parent  before the age of 18, consider the educational status of only that parent.]

[Low income is defined by the Federal government using the family's taxable income from the IRS Form 1040. Please see the Department of Education website: http://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ope/trio/incomelevels.html  for low-income level determinations.]

--Completed a minimum of 60 credits hours

--Cumulative grade point average of 2.8 or higher

--Full-time student at Wayne State enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours

--Committed to earning a Doctorate Degree in a field of study

[Students wishing to pursue law, dentristry, medicine, optometry or veterinary careers are not eligible for this program unless they intend to do a dual degree that includes a PhD.]

--Participants of LSAMP, Math Corp and STEM related Student Organizations are strongly encouraged to apply.

 Apply to the McNair Scholars Program

The McNair Scholars Program is currently accepting applications for the 2017-2018 cohort.  Completed applications will be reviewed when submitted.  McNair Scholars Application