Student Learning & Engagement

To schedule an appointment,  please contact:

Barbara Hale
(313) 577-7528

EOC has five basic phases each participant is eligible to go through: Initial Intake; Plan of Work/Career Counseling, Career Exploration; Admission Information and counseling; and Financial Aid information and counseling. These five phases may be completed in one or more sessions, as needed by the participant. 

Phase I

  • Deliver clear definition of program services
  • Assess your reason for coming, education, work experience, program expectations and your ability to function
  • Verify income for financial aid

Phase II

  • Explanation of career counseling and interest inventory
  • Explain written inventory, review interpretive report and professional summary
  • Use the interpretative report to review jobs matching your interests
  • Begin career exploration process using study guides and career resources

Phase III

  • Determine career interest
  • Review transcripts, assess computer literacy
  • Develop plan of work

Phase IV

  • Review career choice or interest
  • Determine academic programs and level
  • Review the programs of choice, admission criteria, cost and assist in selecting school
  • Select and complete admissions application for with assistance
  • Print out confirmation page if online application.

Phase V

  •  Determine financial form and assist with completion
  •  Provide preliminary instructions on FAFSA program
  • Complete online FAFSA program, print out Student Aid Report Form and Confirmation Page