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TRiO Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) is a comprehensive counseling program providing FREE academic, vocational, career and financial aid information to eligible adults in the Metropolitan Detroit area. TRiO EOC assists adults in entering college or vocational schools, and in returning to secondary and postsecondary schools. This U. S. Department of Education funded project has been in operation at Wayne State University since 1982. The program was awarded a four-year grant to continue funding through September 1, 2011.

The purpose of the TRiO Educational Opportunity Center is to provide free services to low-income, first generation adults, 19 years of age and older who are citizens, national or permanent residents of the United States such as (1) Academic advice and assistance in course selection, (2) Assistance in completing college admission and financial aid applications, (3) Assistance in preparing for college entrance examinations, (4) Guidance on re-entering high school or entering a GED program, (5) Personal counseling and referrals, (6) Career assessment, exploration, counseling, and workshops, (7) Computer instructed programs and tutorial referrals and (8) Campus tours and special activities.


TRiO EOC services adults who:

  1. are citizens, national or permanent residents of the United States
  2. reside in one of the following target area cities: Detroit, Ecorse, Hamtramck, Highland Park, & River Rouge
  3. are at least 19 years old ( 18 years who are affiliated with alternative educational programs)
  4. are first generation college students (meaning who parents did not graduate from a four year college or educational institution)
  5. are low-income individuals
  6. are in need of one or more of the services provided by the center to pursue a programs of postsecondary education.
  7. are veterans in need of services ( regardless of living location).

TRiO EOC must serve 1000 clients each academic year.


1. To enhance the use of technology throughout the department.

  • Objective 1:  To look into StudentAccess Database Tracking Solutions for the TRiO Community for administrative purposes.
    • Outcome: After reviewing the information about Student Access Database Tracking Solutions, the Project Director prefers the ACCESS Database system which is used.
  • Objective 2: Staff training for Microsoft Word 2007, Excel and Banner.
    • Outcome: Shalon Pettway-Turner participated in ACCESS and Excel Training. Barbara Watkins participated in WSU's Banner System Training as well as WSU's Electronic Personnel Action Forms ("EPAF") Training.
  • Objective 3: Connect all the computers to the internet in the Multipurpose Room.
    • Outcome: We have recently purchased new computers for the Multipurpose Room. The computers are all connected to the internet.

2. To align TriO programs for collaboration efforts and as feeder programs for other TRiO and university programs.

  • Objective 1: Develop an in-service with the Admissions and Financial Aid Departments at WSU quarterly and partner with them on the on-site recruitment efforts.
    • Outcome: Two meeting were scheduled with Admissions and both times therewere extenuating circumstances that did not allow the meetings to manifest. The contact person is LaShaunta Hairston. After the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid has settled down from the beginning of the fall semester contact will be made for an in-service with the TRiO EOC office.
  • Objective 2: Contact SouthEnd newspaper for an interview for an article.
    • Outcome: Did not follow-up on this objective but will slate for an article leading to our Student Success Summit in October, 2009.
  • Objective 3: Align with other TRiO program to present to Parent Groups. We will continue to take other TRiO programs brochures and materials to presentations, career fairs and other events.
    • Outcome: TRiO EOC aligned with GEAR-UP to present a workshop to the of the students who would participate in the LAW & Leadership Program. The workshop was scheduled for Saturday, July 11, 2009 but was cancelled because of a lack of potential student participation, looking forward to partnering next year.

3. Increase outreach to FGLI members of the Detroit community.

  • Objective 1: Continue to have an appreciation luncheon for our community partners.
    • Outcome: None.
  • Objective 2: Currently advertising in the African American Family Magazine in the Educational Issues (4 issues).
    • Outcome: Full Page Ads: September, 2008, October, 2008, January, 2009, March, 2009, and August, 2009.
  • Objective 3: Advertising on radio on the following stations: 1500 AM WLQV & 140 AM WDTK.
    • Outcome: 60 WLQV Radio Broadcasts – EOC Promotion/Advertising – Weeks of: 12/8/08, 12/15/08, 1/12/09, 1/26/09, 2/9/09, and 2/16/09: Monday – Friday- 2 Broadcasts per day between 3pm-6pm – 10 Per week @60seconds ea. 30 WDTK Radio Broadcasts – EOC Promotion/Advertising – Weeks of: 12/1/08, 1/19/09, and 2/23/09 – Monday – Friday 2 Broadcasts per day between: 9am-12pm – 10 per week.
  • Objective 4: Continue to network with the various agencies, organizations and individuals who are and have been supportive of our program
    • Outcome: Ongoing relationships African American Family Magazine, Ashland Theological Seminary, Clintondale Continuing Education Center, Detroit Job Corp, Gateway, Detroit Public Schools Adult & Alternative Education, Detroit Workforce Development Dept, Goodwill Industries, Hamtramck Adult Education, Headstart Programs, Highland Park Career Academy, Jay Hill Speaks, Jesus Light Christian Church, Linda Thornton of T.O.U.C.H. Service L.L.C., Mariners Inn, Mercy Education Project, Michigan Department of Corrections, Michigan Youth Initiative, NSO-Neighborhood Services Organizations, Salvation Army Harbor Light, SHAR House, Wayne County Community College, WSU APEX and Federal TRiO Programs, WSU Division of Community Education, WSU McGregor Memorial Conference Center, WSU Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid, WSU Office of Undergraduate Admissions and WSU School of Social Work.
  • Objective 5: Participate in mass mailings to schools, churches, social agencies, libraries, organizations, and the like.
    • Outcome: One example of our mass mailing is EOC 2nd Annual Open House Mass Mailing to: 24 Adult and Alternative Educational Programs and 5 Recovery Programs within our target area.


  1.  To develop and implement retention strategies and programs for our students.
  2. To provide an environment that is continuously motivating for the staff and students alike.
  3. To finding partnerships and funding sources that will provide "life enhancing incentives" for students to stay in school ( both GED-high school completion programs and postsecondary programs).


  1. October 25, 2008-Debra J. Alexander Fund was established as a successful job of the Debra J. Alexander Scholarship Silent Auction held in conjunction with the ACCESS Scholarship Gala. $2,505 was raised. Linda A. Fuggs, EOC Counselor-Auction Chairperson/ Coordinator.
  2. Maxine Hudgins (EOC Counselor), Brandon Bryant (EOC Student) and the EOC clerical staff worked with Henry Robinson (APEX Director) to make the Black Student Convocation a success. The event was held Saturday, May 2, 2009 at McGregor Conference Center.
  3. Four students graduated affiliated with TRiO EOC: Social Work Intern: Peggy Arndt with her Master's degree in Social Work; Student Assistant, Pradeep Sand graduated with his Master's degree in Engineering, and Frederick Diggs and Brandon Bryant both members of EOC Student Leadership Advisory Board.
  4. TRiO EOC has become a member of Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitter, because of our Summer Intern, Ms. Sasha Johnson who is a WSU Master's student whose major is Public Relations and Organizational Communication. Her expertise is marketing and advertising which has afforded us the opportunity to advertise through press releases, calendar listings, newspapers, websites and other online venues. Her advisor is Linda Fuggs.
  5. TRiO EOC partnered with Division of Community and provided five (5) financial aid workshops for 46 new DCE students who lived in EOC's target area. The workshops were held in both WSU Undergraduate Library and the Wayne Center computer labs. Henry Robinson, Mary Dickson, Delta Saulsberry, Linda Fuggs, Audrey Whitfield were instrumental in the planning process. EOC Counselors: Maxine Hudgins, Kenneth DeVitto and Linda Fuggs facilitated the workshops along with Project Manager: Delta Saulsberry and Barbara Watkins, Shalon Turner prepared materials and sent out mailings. Student Assistants: Bemontai Johnson, Marcus Jackson, Pradeep Sand, and Jamelia Bell provide support to the counseling staff.
  6. Linda Fuggs suggested TRiO EOC served 18 years who were not serviced by Talent Search. After approval by the Dept of Education, we began to serve 18 years who participated in alternative educational programs. This has proven to be a viable asset to our program.
  7. Maxine Hudgins created a Resource Manual for the TRiO EOC Staff and students.
  8. Maxine Hudgins was promoted from University Counselor Assistant II to University Counselor I. She is commended for serving over 400 students this academic year.
  9. Michael Rich-Bey is a continuous liaison between TRiO EOC and the Recovery Community.


TRiO EOC participated in Money Smart Week with one seminar on April 21, 2009 and the total number of participants was 59. Highland Park Career Academy was the off-campus site and Maxine Hudgins was the coordinator.

TRiO EOC had two "Open Houses" this academic year. The first one was June 4, 2009 from 9:00 a.m. -3:30 p.m. The purpose of this event was to recruit students who attended alternative educational programs. There were 100 in attendance. There were individuals who attended this event who became DCE and PATHWAYS students. The second "Open House" was August 27, 2009. The purpose of this event was to recruit individuals who might attend evening classes. There were 69 in attendance. Clintondale Continuing Education and SHAR House Goodwill Industries among other institutions attended the Open Houses.

TRiO EOC hosted Highland Park Career Academy's Annual Graduation at General Lectures on Monday, June 8, 2009 from 4:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. Maxine Hudgins was the EOC representative. There were approximately 700 people in attendance. Highland Park School Board was represented at the event as well as the Assistant Superintendent of Highland Park Schools.

TRiO EOC Sistah Circle & Book Club was held June 17th through July 22, 2009. The book club is for young adult female students to form a supportive alliance through reading, sharing and fellowship. The Summer Book Club concluded with a Personal and Academic Development Conference held at Capuchin Retreat in Washington, MI from August 2-4, 2009. 18 students participated in the life changing conference. EOC Counselor Linda Fuggs is the coordinator and facilitator.

TRiO EOC along with the EOC Student Leadership Advisory Board (SLAB) had a six week pilot "Man to Man Discussion and Support Group from July 14, 2009 through August 18, 2009. The purpose of this group is for the male students were interested in "stimulating and thought provoking discussions, mentoring and true "Brotherhood", in order to obtain support for academic success. The attendances were enrolled in college or GED courses or will be enrolled in fall semester. SLAB President Gerald Ervin and Vice President Yusuf Anderson facilitated the support group. Counselor Linda Fuggs is the coordinator and advisor.

TRiO EOC provided 24 computer workshops from October, 2008 to July, 2009. The workshops provide it participants with basic computer skills. The total number in attendance was 306. The workshops were held in 1700 AAB, WSU Undergraduate Library and WSU Science Library. Counselor Maxine Hudgins coordinated the workshops and Technician Robert Morris facilitated.

TRiO EOC held three major college tours this academic year: Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Mi on Wednesday, July 22, 2009, and University of Toledo in Toledo, OH on Wednesday, July 29, 2009. The Out-of State (overnight) tour was to Central State University and Wilberforce University from August 18 through August 20, 2009. The total number of student participants of the tours was 67. Counselor Maxine Hudgins coordinated and facilitated the college tours. Student Assistant: Bemontai Johnson, and Project Manager Delta Saulsberry attended all tours, Counselor Linda Fuggs attended the Out of State tour.

This concludes the 2008-2009 TRiO Educational Opportunity Center Annual Report humbly submitted by Project Manager Delta J. Saulsberry.