What is the Educational Opportunity Center?


We understand the implications of the coronavirus COVID-19 are changing on a daily basis, and the TRiO-Educational Opportunity Center (TRiO-EOC) continue to monitor the situation. We also know that our participants and our Wayne County service community have been greatly impacted. Please know that TRiO-EOC is here to help.

Based on the evolving situation; and because our primary concern is for the health and safety of everyone affected, we are announcing the following precautionary measures in response to the coronavirus COVID-19.

During normal business hours, our office is operating remotely, and will continue to assist Wayne County residents and current TRiO-EOC participants with Post-secondary Admissions to your school of choice, FAFSA Completion, Financial Aid Resources, and or High School Completion Resources by email or phone.  

Current Participants:

May contact your counselor Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

If you do not know your counselor's email and/or telephone number, you may contact 

Mrs. Barbars Hale, (313) 577-7528 or by email: bi3936 @wayne.edu for assistance.

Wayne County Residents:

If you are in need of TRiO-EOC services, we encourage you to telephone Mrs. Delta J. Saulsberry, (313) 577-5051 or by email: ab4839 @wayne.edu, to be assigned a TRiO-EOC counselor.  We are currently developing our digital Participant Intake and Participant Needs Assessment.

Please be assured that TRiO-EOC is here to help.  To assist you with managing any anxiety that you may be experiencing during the COVID 19 outbreak, feel free to browse the information below provided by the Wayne State University, School of Social Work.


Managing anxiety during the COVID 19 outbreak - School of Social Work - Wayne State University

COVID 19 continues to spread, and efforts to contain it have led to profound disruptions in many of our lives. For students of all ages in-person classes have been canceled, teachers are asked to transfer their teaching to on-line platforms, schools and businesses are closing, and we are instructed to engage in "social distancing" to prevent the transmission of the virus.



In September of 1982, the TRiO Educational Opportunity Center started at Wayne State University as a community-based program with support from secondary, postsecondary, community and government agencies. The project services 1,620 adults annually from our campus office and various community site offices in target areas. TRiO EOC has been providing free services for adult residents of Wayne County for nearly 4 decades, while striving to provide additional allowable services that will help each participant to excel in both their academic and personal goals. 

Our Mission

TRiO EOC is dedicated to providing extraordinary services to participants who reside in Wayne County (*19 years of age or older), in pursuing postsecondary admissions to any accredited institution as well as individuals who want to complete their high school diploma or GED certificate requirements. 


TRiO EOC provides the following services:

  • Academic advice and assistance in course selection
  • Assistance in completing college admission and financial aid applications
  • Assistance in preparing for college entrance examinations
  • Guidance on re-entering high school, or entering a GED program
  • Personal counseling and referrals
  • Career assessment, exploration, counseling and workshops
  • Opportunities to participate in a computer course on the main campus
  • Campus tours and special activities

*Also eligible are 16-18 year old high school seniors and those 18 years of age who are currently participating in alternative educational programs or have graduated or dropped out of Detroit Public Schools